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Thursday, 26 May 2011 11:52


There was no genetic bond. No family history. In truth, Tevin Smith had met the Clarksville woman only once before. But last May, after years in the foster-care system, the young man from Memphis called Ami Smith and spoke six simple words.


Mom, he said, I want to come home.


For the better part of Tevin’s life, the state was his caretaker. Caseworkers led him from foster home to foster home. His possessions fit in a single Rubbermaid tub. Each time he relocated, he aged closer to becoming a legal adult but appeared no closer to having a family.


“The way I felt, I just wanted to get away from everything and have a parent that I could call mom,” the 17-year-old said.


Thousands of Tennessee children face similar situations. Almost half of the kids in the state’s system are teenagers. But even as they move closer to aging out of the system, some still seek to be adopted.


Click to read Tevin Smith's full story in The Tennessean.


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