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EVERY CHILD USA supports The Orange Duffel Bag Foundation’s leadership and life skills training for youth living in foster care, aging out of foster care and homeless youth. It will also support the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation’s efforts to assist homeless youth and older foster care youth in making positive connections within their communities.


When an at-risk youth becomes a Certified Orange Duffel Bag Coach, that young person is presented with a personalized orange duffel bag equipped with items — like a life skill/goal setting book and lap top computer-- that will make his or her journey better. The Orange Duffel Bag’s training principles and curriculum are based on the book "My Orange Duffel Bag" that tells the story of Sam Bracken, who grew up in Las Vegas surrounded by mobsters and motorcycle gang members. His mom abandoned him at age 15, and he kept his homelessness secret from his high school. When he flew from Las Vegas to Atlanta after winning a full-ride football scholarship at the Georgia Institute of Technology, everything he owned fit in an orange duffel bag.


Bracken is now a successful executive who speaks all over the world about excellence and change.


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