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Can our kids compete globally?
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Are Our Children Ready to Compete in the Global Arena?

Child in school

How America Ranks Among Industrialized Countries in Investing in and Protecting Children:

  • 1st in gross domestic product

  • 1st in number of billionaires

  • 1st in number of persons incarcerated

  • 1st in health expenditures

  • 1st in military technology

  • 1st in defense expenditures

  • 1st in military weapons exports

  • 21st in 15-year-olds’ science scores

  • 21st in low birth weight rates

  • 25th in 15-year-olds’ math scores

  • 28th in infant mortality rates

  • Last in relative child poverty

  • Last in the gap between the rich and the poor

  • Last in adolescent birth rates (ages 15 to 19)

* Based on calculations per school day (180 days of seven hours each)
SOURCE: State of America’s Children / Children’s Defense Fund


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