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The Balm In Gilead's EveryChildUSA

Sick Child

Our Mission: To ensure that every child in the USA learns to read, has access to comprehensive health care  and exposure to opportunities that impact their future positively.


EveryChildUSA is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness and resources to support organizations and institutions that serve America’s children in areas of health, education and opportunity.


The Balm In Gilead's EveryChildUSA is joining hands and hearts across America to stand up and take action NOW to improve the lives of our nation’s children aging out of foster care and those living homeless on our streets.


We are so fortunate to be citizen of the most humanitarian country in the world. The people of the United States, for many decades, have led the world in fighting poverty, and providing life-saving treatment for people around the world. Many citizens of the United States, in this very moment, are in rural villages working to build schools and drilling wells to ensure that children living in distant places have a chance to live a productive life. While we continue to lead the world in humanitarian giving, we must take a hard core look at how we are neglecting our children here at home.  Far too many children in the United States this morning, had no food to eat; live on the streets; have been sent to juvenile detention; cannot read beyond 4th grade; and because of a lack of resources or violence will die a preventable death.


America’s children urgently need our care and concern.


Your gift of $10 will help to ensure that EVERY CHILD in the United States will LIVE and GROW to become healthy, productive humanitarian citizens of the world.

Text ChildUSA to 85944 to give a gift of $10.


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